“Truth and Grace”: Marrying Father Christmas Review

Marrying Father Christmas

There are a couple things you should note, y’all. I’ve loved Robin Jones Gunn since I was fifteen (Anyone else read the Christy Miller series as a teenager?!). And I love Erin Krakow (Because When Calls the Heart #Hearties). The fact that the “Father Christmas” series involves both Robin Jones Gunn AND Erin Krakow, I mean, that is just my two worlds colliding with excitement. Since Marrying Father Christmas is the third installment of the series, let’s recap the first two movies.

Finding Father Christmas

In Finding Father Christmas, Miranda Chester discovers an old photograph that contains a little boy sitting on Santa’s lap. She decides to go on a quest to find out who these people are in hopes that they would connect her to her family. (Miranda’s  mom had passed away when she was young and she never knew her father) She ends up in Carlton Heath, Vermont, and along the way, she meets the adorable wood-choppin’ Ian (Niall Matter). Miranda falls in love with Ian and the town of Carlton Heath, but most importantly, she discovers the truth about her father. Personally, I loved this movie because of the underlying theme of grace and forgiveness. This movie gave me all the feels!

Engaging Father Christmas

Engaging Father Christmas picks up the following year. Miranda and Ian are a couple and she is off to see him and her new family in Carlton Heath. Ian proposes to Miranda and life is just fine and dandy for those two. However, on the flip side, Margaret Whitcomb has made Miranda promise not to reveal anything about the family, including Miranda’s own identity and her connection to the Whitcombs.

A reporter overhears Miranda talking to a friend about her past and threatens to reveal this “scandal” to the tabloids. In the end, Margaret Whitcomb realizes that family is family and together, she and Miranda overcome the scheming reporter plot. While I loved the acting and the people, I didn’t exactly understand the whole reporter story and I didn’t understand why it would be such a scandal for people to know about Miranda. I still really enjoyed the movie, I just had to suspend my disbelief for a bit.

Marrying Father Christmas

I have been waiting for Marrying Father Christmas to come out since last Christmas, to be completely honest! And I am super proud of myself for avoiding spoilers for this one. *happy dance*

Marrying Father Christmas
Marrying Father Christmas

Back to Carlton Heath

It’s been another year and Miranda is once again heading back to the adorable town of Carlton Heath, except now, she is living in Boston to be closer to Ian and the Whitcombs. She is uber excited for the Christmas holiday because she is also getting married on Christmas! (Side note, I personally wouldn’t get married on Christmas, but hey, Miranda wants to keep the wedding small and intimate, so I guess that’s a smart way to do it.)


Heyyy “Tommy!”

Margaret is over-the-moon excited and is also going wedding guest crazy inviting all of her Miranda’s fathers’ friends. Ooh! Margaret also seems to have a thing for a family friend… “Tommy.” On a scale from Thomas to Tommy, here’s where Margaret falls on the “crush scale”:

Thomas – business colleague.
Tom – family friend
Tommy – ohmygoodness-this-guy-is-mcdreamy-i’m-secretly-in-love

Marrying Father Christmas
Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Movies and Mysteries
Marrying Father Christmas
Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

Are they not the cutest? I TOTES ship this!! I just had to throw this in here.

Lessons From the Mysterious Stranger

Starting Marrying Father Christmas, I wasn’t too sure where the movie was headed, especially when the random stranger (later introduced as Charles Finley) showed up at Miranda’s office. At first, I was like “OH NO! Not another random reporter or some person who wants to take advantage of this poor girl! Let the poor girl live her life!” Then, I thought that the stranger was going to claim that he was really her biological father, but then I remembered that this is Hallmark, not Maury or Jerry Springer.

When Charles admitted that he is Miranda’s mother’s brother, I was like “WHAT!!!” I did NOT see that coming.

Marrying Father Christmas
Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

Miranda shut that poor man down pretty darn quickly and Charles respects her wishes and leaves.

Marrying Father Christmas
Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

Miranda does all the things— getting ready for the wedding, trying to figure out how to tell Margaret “no,” getting ready for the annual Christmas tree lighting, yet, she can’t shake the thoughts about the man who claimed to be her uncle. After she receives a package which contains photos of her mother, she decides to investigate this mysterious uncle.

Marrying Father Christmas
Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

Up until this point, I was on the “this is a cute movie” scale. But the scene between Miranda and her uncle Charles at the end of the movie really got to me. Charles confesses that HE is the reason why Miranda’s mother never spoke of him. He only knew of Miranda due to the article that had been published the year before. Honestly, I thought Miranda’s mother was the one who shut him out, so this twist surprised me.

“I was so certain about right and wrong. Everything was black and white. There was no room for gray or doubt.I found out he [James Whitcomb] was still in the middle of his divorce. That was simply not acceptable to me. I told her [Eve] so in so many words. Said some things that night— she was stunned, she was hurt. She hugged me hard told me she loved me. I never spoke to her again.

When she [Eve] phoned a few months later, I was still so sure how things should be in the world— so arrogant. Never picked up the phone. Then ultimately, the phone stopped ringing.

She was family. I should have been with her no matter what.”

— Charles Finley, Miranda’s uncle

Real Talk, Y’all. That was ME. I felt SO terrible for Miranda’s uncle Charles because I have been there. I have been in his shoes where I have known truth, but I’ve lacked grace. This is something I had struggled with but with God’s help, I’ve learned how to exude His grace towards people.

It is important to know truth— to know where you stand on issues, what is right and wrong, and why you believe your beliefs. However, it is just as important to have grace towards others. I have to quote this Bible verse that seems to be often forgotten quite often:

Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. – Colossians 4;6

Charles’ words and lack of grace caused him to miss out on a wonderful blessing— Miranda. And this is not just a thing that happens in movies. It happens all the time in real life and on social media. We don’t know what people are going through and they deserve our kindness and grace. You never know what blessing may come from it. I hope the message of truth and grace spoke to you as it did to me.

Charles Finley
Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

Ian and Miranda’s Wedding

Can I just say how much I loved Ian and Miranda’s wedding?! Let’s just break it down:

ONE || I loved how Miranda asked Margaret to walk her down the aisle. I thought it was just wonderful how this showed how their relationship progressed and how Margaret truly accepted Miranda as part of the Whitcomb family.

TWO || The vows were Hallmark-perfection. And Ian tearing up made me want to tear up along with him. (Yes, I am THAT girl at a wedding. If people start crying, I will cry right along with them!) The way Ian looked at Miranda… oh my lanta— that is all the feels right there!

THREE || The beautiful carriage ride taking them off into the night with the snow falling….*siiiiiigh*

(I have to say— give Miranda a jacket! LOL)

Marrying Father Christmas
Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

I just love Ian and Miranda and all of their scenes together were amazing! Twitter started blowing up with many people were asking for a fourth movie and I’m with y’all! Another movie with these two characters would be the best! You know what they say, “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in the baby carriage.” Sooo…how about, “Expecting Baby Christmas”? Miranda did say all the good things have happened to her around Christmas…

The swooniest moment of all had to be Ian and Miranda dancing. I about died from the adorableness.


My Stocking Ranking
ICYMI: Here is the link to how I’m ranking this year’s Christmas movies!

I am giving Marrying Father Christmas a DIAMOND RING, y’all! The message of “truth and grace” plus everyone’s acting plus Robin Jones Gunn is just a recipe for amazing. I absolutely loved this movie and of the three, this movie is probably my favorite.

AKA : 4.5 stars

Let me know what you thought about Marrying Father Christmas in the comments!

4 thoughts on ““Truth and Grace”: Marrying Father Christmas Review

  1. Marrying Father Christmas has been the best movie I’ve ever scene. It’s hard to express all my feelings. The feeling of love, family, hope, happiness that this movie showed us was so inspiring. It shows us how powerful words and actions are, and how they not only effect us but those around us. Words and actions can never be taken back. This movie showed us how families can stay strong, loving, and caring. This world can be such an ugly place, it’s wonderful how this movie (and all Hallmark movies) reminds us of the goodness and love in this world. I’m going to try and live my life with truth and grace!. I also loved your commentary.

  2. Great review, Kaycee! I also reviewed this movie on my blog and while I thought the movie was good, I don’t think it was as strong of a film as the previous two entries. I don’t know if you’ve read Kissing Father Christmas, but how did you feel about the omission of that novel’s story from Marrying Father Christmas? I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t, at least, a subplot in the film. I’m hoping if there is a fourth Father Christmas movie, the story from Kissing Father Christmas can, somehow, be included into that film. By the way, I’ve nominated you for The Blog Complainer’s Appreciation Award! Here’s the link to my award post:


    1. Hey, Sally! First, thanks for always commenting on my posts! I do appreciate it and I apologize for not always following up. I haven’t read Kissing Father Christmas, but it’s on my “To Read” list. I knew that they diverged from the book for the third movie and purposefully didn’t try to read it because I am always drawn to books over movies. Also, thank you for the Blog award! That’s so kind of you to think of me! 🙂

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