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Happy Valentine’s Day Eve, Hallmarkies! I hope you are all taking the time to love on your loved ones. 🙂

As I mentioned in Part One, I decided to split this list into two lists because the first six top favorite couples were from series or trilogies and I just didn’t think that was fair to singletons or sequel movies.

To be fair, I only polled people on my Twitter (@hallmarkmywords) and on the Fans of Hallmark Movies Facebook group. I didn’t go into the Chessies, Hearties, or POstables groups because the results would have been slightly slanted. I’ve also decided to choose TWO number one couples because they were just points away from each other. Plus one couple is from a long running series and the other couple is from a trilogy. You really can’t compare the two because they are really like apples and oranges.

Like I said, this is a totally fun and goofy poll, so please don’t take this too seriously. 🙂 If anything, I hope you have fun and discover some new-to-you series to watch!

As promised, here is PART TWO of the Top 10 Hallmark Couples!

TEN || Nate and Frankie from In the Vineyard trilogy

Starring Brendan Penny and Rachael Leigh Cook

Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Channel

We first meet Nate and Frankie in Autumn in the Vineyard where Frankie and Nate are at odd with each other as their families have been rivals forever. Their ever evolving relationship in the first movie is so much fun and you just have to watch and see what happens next in Summer in the Vineyard and Valentine in the Vineyard!

NINE || Kevin and Sarah from Chesapeake Shores

Starring Brendan Penny and Jessica Sipos

Kevin and Sarah
Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Channel

I have grown to love Kevin and Sarah in the last two seasons of Chesapeake Shores. I found it interesting that both of these characters suffered very different kinds of PTSD and that they both relied on each other to overcome their struggles. For Sarah, she was widowed at a very young age. For Kevin, he almost died serving overseas. I hope we get to see more playful moments between these two in the newly announced Season Four of Chesapeake Shores!

EIGHT || Jacob and Sarah from the Sarah, Plain and Tall trilogy

Starring Glenn Close and Christopher Walken

Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Hall of Fame

Truth be told, I have only seen the first Sarah, Plain and Tall movie and that was a million years ago. I didn’t even know it was part of a trilogy until maybe a few weeks ago when my pals Rachel and Amber on the Hallmarkies Podcast did an entire episode dedicated to Sarah, Plain and Tall. << Click to listen!

Sarah Plain and Tall is a story set in the early 1900s about a young woman, Sarah, who answers an ad for a “mail order bride.” Sarah heads to Kansas and meets Jacob, a widower with two young children.

If you like Little House on the Prairie, Love Comes Softly, and When Calls the Heart, you will probably enjoy Sarah, Plain and Tall. The sequel is called Skylark and the final movie is Winter’s End. You can buy the trilogy on Amazon.

SEVEN || Sam and Cassie from Good Witch

Starring Catherine Bell and James Denton

Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Channel

Exciting news, #Goodies! Good Witch Season Five is coming in May! And I have to disclaim, that I have not seen any episodes of Good Witch… but it’s on my list to watch and catch up by May.

I reached out to my pal Rachel (Hallmarkies Podcast) and asked her about Sam and Cassie. She said:

“Sam and Cassie are the best because James Denton and Catherine Bell have fantastic chemistry and their characters compliment each other well. They both have one teenager child. They both have careers that help people and they both love Middleton.”

You can listen to Rachel and Amber’s reviews on Good Witch among many other fun things on their podcast.

SIX || Mike and Hannah from Murder, She Baked

Starring Cameron Mathison and Alison Sweeney

Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

First, I love desserts. Second, I love mysteries. So, combining desserts and mysteries with Cameron Mathison and Alison Sweeney? That’s just an explosion of amazingness all in one mystery series! Mike and Hannah make a dynamic duo when solving the “whodunnit” cases.

Currently, there are only five Murder, She Baked movies:

  • A Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery
  • A Plum Pudding Mystery
  • A Peach Cobbler Mystery
  • A Deadly Recipe
  • Just Desserts

FIVE || Lee and Rosemary from When Calls the Heart

Starring Kavan Smith and Pascale Hutton

Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Channel

Lee and Rosemary are one of my top favorite couples and I wish we could see more of their storyline in When Calls the Heart. Maybe that’s coming in Season Six? *fingers crossed* I lovelovelove Lee and Rosemary. Everything from their witty banter to their arguments is just so much fun. I think my favorite scene between these two is when Lee finds out that Rosemary has taken his car and has crashed it. I cannot wait to see what’s in store for these two crazy lovebirds! #TeamSquidget  #TeamHoneyBunny

FOUR || Ian and Miranda from the Father Christmas trilogy

Starring Niall Matter and Erin Krakow

Marrying Father Christmas
Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

Robin Jones Gunn is one of my favorite authors, so when I found out that her Father Christmas series was being adapted to film, I was SO excited. I became even more excited finding out that Niall Matter and Erin Krakow was starring in it!

I think Hallmarkies find Ian and Miranda’s relationship so endearing because Ian seems to have a sense of protectiveness when it comes to Miranda. He knows that she’s had a rough past and takes good care of her and her heart. There were so many sweet moments between these two characters. The last movie was one of my favorites and you can read all about that here.

THREE || Norman and Rita from Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Starring Geoff Gustafson and Crystal Lowe

Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

Y’all. Norman and Rita are probably the absolute sweetest couple. Their romance is so extremely pure and innocent. You don’t often see that in real life and it’s something to admire in these two characters. Norman and Rita have such huge hearts for each other and everyone around them. They are absolutely precious. Annnnnd since Signed, Sealed, Delivered just got picked up for another installment, sky is the limit for these two newlyweds! I certainly hope we get to see Rita and Norman become parents with their “rainbow full of babies.”

TWO || Jack and Elizabeth from When Calls the Heart

Starring Daniel Lissing and Erin Krakow

Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Channel

My word, I don’t know how these actors pull this off, but these two characters chemistry can only be described as chastely steamy. The romantic tension between these two is off the charts. WOWZA! My favorite Jack and Elizabeth moments were in Season One, when they both had crushes on each other but were too stubborn to really admit it until about midway through the season. The proposal was one of the sweetest moments with all of those candles (#KeepingCatMontgomeryBusySince1910). The wedding was one of the best movie weddings I’ve ever seen. I loved the Jack and Elizabeth storyline and was pretty heartiebroken when it ended.

Finally, here are the NUMBER ONE couples!

The number one most mentioned couple from a series was…

Oliver and Shane from Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Starring Eric Mabius and Kristin Booth

Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

Y’all, the #POstables are a force to be reckoned with. These fans LOVELOVELOVE Kristin Booth, Eric Mabius, Crystal Lowe, and Geoff Gustafson. And I don’t blame them as a hardcore POstable myself!

One reason I personally love Oliver and Shane is that aspects of their characters remind me of my husband and myself. My husband is similar to Oliver in that they are both very consistent by nature, they very much abide-by-the-rules, they appreciate classic entertainment, and they are both pretty even-keeled. I relate to Shane’s character in so many ways, it would take a whole post to go into that.

Oliver and Shane’s relationship was so organic from the beginning and I appreciated that it moved along nicely without any unnecessary roadblocks or drama. I really loved their slow burn of building a relationship. If you haven’t seen Signed, Sealed, Delivered, you absolutely need to. It is a classic series!

And the number one couple from a trilogy was…

Brian and Jenny from the All of My Heart trilogy

Starring Brennan Elliot and Lacey Chabert

Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

Brian and Jenny are POP-U-LAR. (By the way, if you said “pop-u-lar” like Kristin Chenoweth says in the Broadway play Wicked, you and I are kindred spirits.) All of My Heart was a HUGE hit when it premiered in 2016. I love their story in the first movie especially because Brian and Jenny couldn’t be more opposite one another. The romantic tension runs pretty high throughout and you have to just love these two characters and the journey they take to find common ground and then the journey to love.

In other Brennan Elliot and Lacey Chabert news, these two are coming back in a different series— Crossword Puzzle Mysteries! If you are so stoked about this, let me know!

Here are a few of my favorite couples from series that didn’t make it into this top ten:

  • Jason and Jen from Garage Sale Mysteries
  • David and Jess from Chesapeake Shores

And finally, here are a few more couples… that really aren’t technically couples… whom I love together!

  • Carson and Faith from When Calls the Heart
  • Miles and Claire from Darrow and Darrow
  • Douglas and Abby from Chesapeake Shores (All the Trabby fans are going to hate me for that one.)

Let me know in the comments who your favorite couples from series are! Are there any that are missing ? Send me a tweet @hallmarkmywords

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