The Princess Switch: A Review

The Princess Switch

The Princess Switch (starring Vanessa Hudgens, SamPalladio, and Nick Sagar) may not be a Hallmark movie, but I was surprised and delighted to find out that this movie actually DOES have ties to Hallmark! The writers, Robin Bernheim and Megan Metzgar, worked on Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart! How cool is that?

As you may have guessed, The Princess Switch involves Lady Margaret, the Duchess engaged to the Prince, and Stacy, a baker from Chicago. As the title suggests, Lady Margaret and Stacy ultimately switch places and shenanigans happens. The best comparison I can think of is that this movie is the grown up version of It Takes Two (the 90s movie with Mary Kate and Ashley) meets Princess Diaries.

The Princess Switch
Credit: Netflix

You Will Love The Princess Switch If:

  • You grew up with 90s romcoms and comedies like It Takes Two, Parent Trap, Princess Diaries, What a Girl Wants, Freaky Friday, etc.
  • Abs and Tuxedoes. Enough said.
  • Flirty snowball fights make you giggle.
  • You want to fall in love in two days.
  • Adorable little children tug at your heartstrings.
  • You like witty and cheesy one-liners. (I laughed out loud when Margaret said, “Do I really sound like Downton Abbey?”)
  • Twinkle lights are your thing. (Ain’t got nothing on all those Hope Valley candles)
  • You enjoy balls and fancy dresses.
  • You’ve always wondered if you have a doppelgänger or an identical twin.
  • You live by the phrase “A plan without a goal is just a wish.”
  • Being rescued by your prince who offers to play a piano duet of “Carol of the Bells” makes you swoon.
  • You love a happily ever after.

You Will Not Like This Movie If:

  • Ripping up itineraries makes your skin crawl.
  • The game Twister gives you nightmares.
  • You hate fake snow… and CGI.
  • Seeing people go outside in a snowy area without a coat makes you cringe.
  • Obvious product placement makes you roll your eyes.
  • Butlers creep you out.
  • You’re a geography nerd and you’re trying to figure out where Belgravia or whatever-it’s-called really is.
  • The overuse of the word “super.” (Do we REALLY say that a million times a day in the US?)
  • You’re expecting some mind-blowing event to happen.

The Moments That Made Me Go “Huh?”

  • Why are all fake countries’ accents British? Can we have a fake country where the accent is Russian? Or Filipino? How about German? Something? Just to switch it up!
  • The rando man that kept popping up… was he like… a wizard? Or a guardian angel?
  • Were the Prince’s parents super cool with Stacy? They never address the fact that they know about the switch… except for when they basically force the Prince to take Lady Margaret to the Bake Off.
  • How do you make a cake that huge in 5 hours!?

My Thoughts

Honestly, I really enjoyed The Princess Switch! It reminded me of movies I loved watching in the 90s and 00s. It was very sweet, unsprisingly predictable, a little cheesy, and quite charming. The cast was great and I thought that there were several cleverly written lines. You don’t have to (nor should you) over think this movie. The Princess Switch is simply your typical feel-good Christmas romcom. I don’t even care that both Margaret and Stacy fell in love with two guys they literally JUST met 48 hours prior because the movie was just that adorable. The wedding at the end was a very nice touch. I would definitely watch it again…and again! The Princess Switch is delightfully cute with a 90s nostalgic feel. I hope you’ll watch and enjoy it!

My Rating: 4 Stars

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7 thoughts on “The Princess Switch: A Review

  1. Man, I’d heard so many negative reviews and it bummed me out because I love Vanessa Hudgens! But hearing your review got me excited all over again to be able to watch it soon 🙂 I think I’m going to need a girls’ night with my mom sometime soon to enjoy this film!

  2. We were wondering about this movie the other night. Now that we have a little more information, we can decide if it is something we’ll enjoy. Thanks for sharing your review.

  3. haha! I loved this review. I keep seeing this movie pop up on my Netflix and I still have yet to click on it. It looks a little cheesy, but at the same time the storyline is totally something I’d be interested in. So maybe I’ll have to check it out while my toddler naps today!

  4. I’m honestly so excited to see this movie! My husband and I are having a Netflix and Chill day once we are completely moved into our new apartment, and this is def on the list!

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