The Christmas Company: A Review

The Christmas Company by Alys Murray

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I am super duper excited to talk about my newest favorite Christmas story The Christmas Company by Alys Murray! My first introduction to Alys was through her appearances on The Bubbly Sesh podcast and the Hallmarkies Podcast. If you haven’t listened to these interviews, you should. Alys is such a delight! I loved hearing her insight on The Christmas Company, so of course, I HAD to get the book. (PS: Isn’t the cover gorgeous!?)

The Christmas Company by Alys Murray
Picture Credit: Kaycee Simpson/Hallmark My Words

My Thoughts on The Christmas Company

The Christmas Company is a story about Kate Bruckner, who is pretty much a Christmas addict, and Clark Woodward, the Scroogiest 21st century Scrooge. These two are as opposite as left is from right— at least from first impressions.

Kate loves Christmas.

Clark hates Christmas.

It doesn’t help that Clark has decided to shut down his late uncle’s company— The Christmas Company. The Miller’s Point townsfolk and Kate are devastated by this news and Kate is determined to change Clark’s mind about Christmas and the Christmas Company. And who doesn’t love some romantic tension during Christmas time?

While the “save the farm” style stories are one of Hallmark’s successful tropes, I thought that The Christmas Company was executed extremely well! Kate didn’t want to only rescue The Christmas Company from shutting down, she wanted to rescue Clark from his own misery. And I loved that. I loved that we were able to delve deeper into both Kate and Clark’s characters and that we were able to see why they were and acted the way they did.

The Christmas Company was such a delight and a “curl up by the fire and drink hot cocoa” sort of book. I enjoyed it so much! I really hope Hallmark turns this book into a movie in 2019 AND I hope that there’s a sequel. Or maybe even a series. That would be awesome!

You will love this book if:

  • You love Scrooge.
  • Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is your favorite.
  • You love small towns. (Someone take me to Miller’s Point!)
  • Bonus if you live in Texas.
  • You enjoy witty banter.
  • You wish you could sneak into a real life Scrooge’s house and just Christmasify it and melt his/her cold heart into mush.
  • You are a sucker for romantic dances.
  • Heart-to-heart chats tug at your soul.
  • Almost kisses are your thing. (I usually groan when I see an almost kiss, but the timing for this was PERFECT and I am all about building that romantic tension!)
  • You love romantic tension.
  • You enjoy heartfelt, fluffy, warm, Hallmark Christmas movies!

I highly recommend The Christmas Company! This would make a great Christmas gift for anyone who loves clean, modern, Christmas stories, or for anyone who is a Hallmark movie fan. You can find this book wherever books are sold. I found this book at Target and Amazon, which I’ve linked the book below. Let me know if you’ve read The Christmas Company!

One last thing! Alys graciously agreed to an interview and I’ll be posting that interview on Friday. (Here’s a teaser: Alys reveals who she pictures as Kate and Clark. 😉 ) Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “The Christmas Company: A Review

  1. It sounds like a great book for anyone who enjoys the Hallmark Channel. I’m curious to find out who the author pictures as the main character. And if she had that in her mind when she wrote the story.

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