Singing, Puppies & Kringles: Countdown to Christmas Week 3 Recap

Week Three of Countdown to Christmas brought three very different movies— It’s Christmas, Eve, A Veteran’s Christmas, and Christmas In Love. I loved one movie, I liked one movie, and I found the one just okay. I’m just going to give the highlights of these three movies because, hot dang, three is A LOT to review at once!

It’s Christmas, Eve

The first movie shown was It’s Christmas, Eve— or as I like to say, “It’s Christmas Comma Eve.” Or— “It’s Christmas (pause pause) Eve!” The English major in me laughs at this every. Single. Time.

In a very quick nutshell, Eve (LeAnn Rimes) is the new interim superintendent and has to make the tough decision to cut all non-essential activities such as art and music programs. However, after meeting Liam (Tyler Hynes), a music teacher, she comes up with an out-of-the box idea to raise money for the schools. They combine forces and plan a Christmas concert to raise awareness for school needs and to raise money for the schools. Eve and Liam fall in love and they live happily ever after. (We hope.)

Hallmark has a lot of different formulas they use in their movies, but they get me anytime singing is involved. Granted, It’s Christmas, Eve wasn’t a whole musical, but I did enjoy the songs performed at the end of the movie! I totally swooned when we find out that Liam finished the song Eve’s dad wasn’t able to finish. HOW freaking SWEET is that!? I would melt into a puddle if someone did that for me.

Apparently, this was Tyler Hynes first Hallmark movie to shoot and I thought he did an AWESOME job. Hallmark, give this guy more movies! Also, is it just me, or does he give off some major young-“Friends era”-Chandler Bing/Matthew Perry vibes? I’m just saying…

Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

Taylor Cole and Tyler Hynes vs. Matthew Perry and Courtney Cox…. if you squint… I feel like Taylor and Tyler could TOTALLY be cast as Matthew Perry and Courtney Cox if someone ever did some documentary or a Friends parody or something.

Anyways, If you haven’t already, go check out his interviews with my friends at the Hallmarkies Podcast and the Bubbly Sesh. You won’t regret it!

One more thing about Tyler Hynes’ character Liam and his daughter. Abby.. how adorable is this!?


I really enjoyed LeAnn Rimes’ as well! While I enjoy her music, I wasn’t too sure if she’d make a good actress, but she did a great job! There was one moment that really made me want to applaud her performance and that was the scene where she’s listening to Tyler Hynes’ character and the daughter sing her dad’s unfinished song. Bravo, LeAnn. I wanted to cry right there with you.

The storyline was adorable. I liked how they were trying to solve a problem rather than the typical “save the farm” situation. I honestly forgot that they were trying to save the arts/music program because I became so invested in the characters. This movie gave me all sorts of warm and fuzzy feelings! I just really loved this movie and I’ll be watching it again!

My Stocking Rating
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I’m giving this one a plump orange with a few candy canes and chocolate kisses. I actually really loved this movie! And I may have listened to the song “It’s Christmas Eve” on repeat. And I may have been dancing around the house with my littles to “You and Me and Christmas” much to my husband’s chagrin. 😉

AKA 4.25 Stars

A Veteran’s Christmas

In A Veteran’s Christmas, Captain Grace Garland (Eloise Mumford) has just come back from Afghanistan and has been honorably discharged from the Marines. Unfortunately, she had to leave her dog Christmas behind. She gets into a car accident on her way to her new home and finds herself in the middle of nowhere. Except there’s a dog and the dog leads her to this adorable cabin, which ends up being the home of the town’s judge, Joe Peterson (Sean Farris). Grace accepts Judge Joe’s  offer to stay at his guest house while she waits for her car to get fixed. Grace falls in love with the town, she and Joe fall in love, and Joe gets Christmas back.

All righty, y’all. I had high expectations for this movie, but unfortunately, I didn’t love it like I wanted to. 🙁 I found the movie super slow at the beginning. Since this movie was on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel, I thought this would be more of a tear jerker, but it really wasn’t. My husband joked that all Joe did the first half of the movie was ask Grace out. “Hey, come to church with me? Do you want to get coffee?Want to check out the town?” I mean, I thought that the actors had great chemistry— it was the storyline that just dragged for me. It took me three days to watch this movie. (I feel so bad admitting that!) The movie ended up being very sweet and I did start to really enjoy it about 3/4ths of the way in.

To end on a positive note, here is what I enjoyed about the movie:

The Small Town Vibes

I don’t care how cliche these small towns come across… I still LOVE it! There is something about a storybook small town that makes a story super cozy, especially around Christmas. I loved how everyone was super nosy about Grace and Joe and there were several moments that made me giggle out loud.

The Secondary Characters

I really enjoyed several of the secondary characters like Katie, Aunt Nellie and Cooper. I loved how they were comic relief at times, and how at other times they were a nice distraction from the slow storyline. And I loved how they ALL were shipping #TeamGrace from the very beginning!

The Ending

The best part of the entire movie was when Grace was reunited with her dog, Christmas. I thought that part was so incredibly sweet!


My Stocking Rating

This movie just wasn’t my style. It was warm and cute and cozy, but it just was very slow for me. I have to give this a socks— like Hanes socks… the crew style. Hanes crew socks aren’t a bad gift… it’s just not my style. However, others may enjoy some good quality socks like Hanes.

AKA: 2.6 Stars

Christmas In Love

Last but not least for “Countdown to Christmas: Week Three” was the very anticipated movie, Christmas In Love, starring Daniel Lissing (goodness— I nearly typed Mountie Jack haha) and Brooke D’Orsay. Ellie (D’Orsay) is tasked with showing Nick (Lissing), the guy from corporate, everything about the bakery. Unbeknownst to her, he’s the CEO’s son and is planning to improve the bakery by introducing automated systems and machines. Welp, Nick’s plans are thwarted when  he starts to realize that there’s more to the business than the machinery and that’s the people who are running around behind the scenes making Christmas Kringles. Nick also falls in love with Ellie, but things go awry when Ellie stumbles on his plans for automation. Dun dun dun! *Spoiler* They still fall in love and kiss a second time. Whoop whoop!

I thought Christmas In Love was a fun movie. Of course, who doesn’t love Daniel Lissing? And Brooke D’Orsay was lovely in her role as Ellie. I just have one question about this movie…

Maybe it’s just me and my insatiable curiosity, but wouldn’t you research the corporate guy who’s coming to check out your franchise?? I mean, Ellie spends all this time with this guy, falls in love with him, and even KISSES him BEFORE ten minute mark, yet doesn’t do a background check?! Come on!

AND! Was it just me, or did anyone just want to shake Nick and say “Just TELL her who you are, ya filthy animal!” (<< That’s a reference to Home Alone…I promise I’m not calling anyone names.) Ahhhh!


Despite that, I did find Nick and Ellie very cute! I loved all the little scenes with these two and I did enjoy the fun little storyline. I also really liked the fact that we saw a good deal of tension between not only Nick and Ellie, but also Nick and Ellie’s family and coworkers as well after the news came out about Nick’s plans for automation. Which really turned out to be him cost comparing and figuring out how to hire more people. Yay for Nick creating more jobs and helping the economy! Double winning.

My Stocking Rating

I’m going to say this is a orange. Just a regular orange. Or. An orange with potential. I feel like when I watch this a second time I may like it even better. I’m not going to lie, this was the third movie in three days and I was getting a little worn out.

AKA 3.68 Stars

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