Philo: Worth the Hype?

Growing up, my family didn’t have cable. We used the good ol’ bunny ears on the tv to watch our daily dose of Zoom, Arthur, Jeopardy and then Wheel of Fortune. Then, in 2004, after a major hurricane hit our area, we lost all tv signal with the bunny ears, and my parents ended up getting super basic cable so my mom could get her QVC and Food Network channels. Plus, I needed the WB for my weekly sesh with the Gilmore Girls.

As an adult, my husband and I decided to get cable tv and then eventually we switched to a sattelite dish provider (which is how I started watching Hallmark on the regular). Of course, after the two year promo was up, the prices increased, and that’s when we said, “we are done!”

Enter Philo.

In my research for super cheap cable options, I stumbled upon Philo, a live TV streaming service. It was by far the CHEAPEST option and for $16 a month, we couldn’t pass that up!

I signed up earlier this year and I have been extremely happy with the service! We stream Philo through our Amazon Fire stick, so all you have to do is download the app, sign in, and then search for your favorite show. It’s super easy and very intuitive. I also have the Philo app on my phone, so I can stream tv from anywhere.

I guess the only “con” would be that you can’t get the major television networks like ABC, NBS, or CBS, however, you can always get one of those digital antennas. (My parents have that now, and it actually works really well!) In Philo’s 44 Channel Package, you do get all three Hallmark channels (which of course is a must for me), HGTV, History Channel, Lifetime, Food Network, among many others you can see listed here. Since we aren’t big tv watchers, and since our tv is on HGTV or Hallmark anyways, this plan is perfect for us!

Another minor con is that the DVR (Philo calls “Saved Shows) are only available for 30 days. But chances are, you’ll probably watch what you saved within 30 days, and if you really just love that movie or show, you can always buy it on Amazon Prime to have forever.

Give $5 and Get $5 – Philo’s Referral Program

If you are looking to cut the cord, and if you want to check out Philo, they offer a free trial in which all you need is a mobile number. You do not have to enter any payment information until after the trial is over if you want to sign up. AND even better yet, Philo has a great referral program for your friends and family in which both parties gets $5 from Philo to apply to your account.

Since you are all my friends, here is my referral link so you can get started on Philo!

Referral Link:

Let me know if you sign up for Philo! Are you cutting the cord this year?

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