Embracing Imperfection – The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells Review

If you follow me on Twitter or if you’ve read some of my previous posts, you know that I am a huge fan of Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith. I adore these two together thanks to When Calls the Heart. I loved them in The Perfect Bride and was over-the-moon ecstatic to see them reprise their roles as Nick Dyson and Molly White in the sequel, The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells. Since this is yet another sequel, let’s quickly recap last year’s movie. And as usual: spoiler alert! Also, I apologize in advance for the terrible quality screencaps! 🙁 It’s part of the reason why I’ve taken a while on this review.

The Perfect Bride
Starring: Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith

Molly is a wedding boot camp fitness instructor. Nick is a wedding photographer. They conventionally meet at their mutual friends’ wedding. As the chemistry lab is exploding (figuratively of course), Molly thinks that she’s met a guy. Unfortunately, she finds out that Nick is engaged… to Jenna one of her wedding boot camp students who is a complete bridezilla.

And y’all, Jenna’s crazy. Not like TLC Bridezilla’s where they’re cursing everyone out and screaming at people. But crazy bridezilla as in “I’m going to steal this perfect wedding dress” (unwittingly from Molly’s sister) and “I’m going to convince my dad to give my photographer fiance a job in his well-to-do company” and “My wedding is going to TOP my sister’s!” Jenna might as well have been a grown-up Veruca Salt because I’m pretty sure Hallmarkies watching were wishing they could press that red button and send her down the chicken shoot. Meanwhile, Nick is doubting his relationship with Jenna and all her crazy “everything has to be perfect” ness.

Of course, in the end, Nick and Jenna break up. He eventually ends up with Molly and they kiss on the dance floor at Molly’s sister’s wedding.

A Year or So Later… The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells

Perfect Bride Wedding Bells
Perfect Bride Wedding Bells

Nick and Molly are happily in a relationship and they both seem to light up when the other is around. Nick is busy planning his art show and Molly is contemplating starting her own gym. Life couldn’t get any better for these two lovebirds. Except it does.

Let’s just say Nick’s got Jack Thornton beat with the number of lights he sets up for Molly’s engagement.

Original Picture – Crown Media

Nick and Molly decide that they are going to embrace the imperfections of wedding planning. Weddings don’t have to be perfect. Marriage won’t be perfect. But they have each other and that’s all that really matters. #cuetheawwwwww

But of course, things go awry, Hallmark-style, and the wedding is pushed up and Nick and Molly decide they don’t want to wait another year to get married. Unfortunately, the wedding falls around the same time as Nick’s show. On top of that, Molly has decided to buy out CounterFit Gym.

Speaking of the gym– the tangled webs we weave! So, Daniel, Molly’s boss was totally fine with Molly opening up her own gym, but gives her another option– to buy his gym so he can retire and go back to Hawaii. Molly jumps at the opportunity but does not have the funds to buy it. And that’s when her ex-fiance– that’s right, the one who left her at the altar– swoops in and makes her a generous offer. Molly takes the offer. #GoAwaySteven #WhyAreAllHallmarkExesNamedSteven?!

Six weeks. Preparing for an art show. Preparing for a closing (and good gravy, all the paperwork involved!). Preparing for a wedding (let’s not even list all the things that need to be done). All in SIX WEEKS. Yikes! Molly and Nick are pretty much running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Can they keep it all together? Will Steven ruin everything? Will Molly ever find a wedding dress? Will Nick keep hanging his gallery photos slightly crooked?

Stay tuned. (But the answer– of course Molly and Nick get married!)

My Thoughts…

Can I just say that I absolutely loved Pascale Hutton’s wardrobe in this movie? I seriously want to take screenshots of her outfits and pin them to my Pinterest board. And her shoes! To die for! I LOVED this dress. I want it. I just need an occasion to wear it. Haha!

I have now seen Pascale Hutton in quite a few Hallmark movies now and this one is definitely her best yet. I loved all the emotion and growth she portrayed as Molly. We tend to see Pascale as Rosemary Coulter, who is overly vivacious and excitable. It was fun seeing another side to Pascale’s acting. And it is always a delight to watch Pascale and Kavan act together. You can tell they enjoy their jobs and working with each other.

Speaking of Pascale and Kavan — how about that scene where they’re cooking in the kitchen together?! I LOVED that scene! It was just so cozy. I would love to see them star in their own tv show. How can we make this happen? Should we just make this #GivePascaleAndKavanAHallmarkSeries trend on Twitter?

I loved that this movie showed how two people can be so committed to each other and not lose their cool during stressful times. And for once… no bridezillas! I appreciated the fact that this movie embraced the imperfections of weddings. All you need is love, right? And despite the craziness, Nick and Molly had the support of their friends and family. No one got crazy. The only crazy happened to be the circumstances they found themselves in. But hey, that’s life! And, it was such a good reminder for those brides-to-be that 1) it’s okay NOT to have the perfect wedding and 2) it’s also okay not to settle for less than perfect on some things. Like a wedding dress. Or whatever you feel is most important for you. I wish I were as chill as Molly when I got married… because I totally had #PerfectBrideSyndrome.

This movie was just super duper cute that had me grinning and giggling the entire time. I Lovelovelove it.

Oh! I also have to share this because I was super excited when Pascale Hutton responded to my tweet! If you have followed her in When Calls the Heart, you know that she had trouble throwing the bouquet to Erin Krakow in the scene where Rosemary and Lee walk down the aisle. She’s also mentioned (or maybe it was Kavan) that in another Hallmark Promo, she had trouble throwing the bouquet as well. So, I tweeted and asked:

OH MY SOUL. I was totally fan-girling when I saw her tweet to me! It made my day!

What did you think of The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells?

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  1. I also reviewed this movie on my blog and I thought it was good. Now that Nick and Molly are married, I wonder if this series will continue? I like your idea about Kavan and Pascale starring in their own t.v. show! It would be really neat if they starred in a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie! The movie would probably bring in a good amount of viewership, especially from the Hearties.

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