Countdown to Christmas 2018

In case you missed it, here is the running list of currently reviewed Countdown to Christmas Hallmark movies:

  1. Christmas at Pemberley Manor
  2. Marrying Father Christmas
  3. Christmas Joy
  4. Road to Christmas
  5. It’s Christmas, Eve
  6. A Veteran’s Christmas
  7. Christmas In Love

All About the Stocking Ranking

Since I’m a huge fan of the Hallmarkies Podcast and because I love their wacky ranking system, I decided to join in on the fun! Here’s the scoop:

According to the Hallmarkies gals, Amber and Rachel, these items are things you may find in your stocking. Obviously, if you get coal, that’s not a great thing. If you get a diamond ring, that’s over-the-moon excitement!

Coal = A dud. Not excited. Not my cup o’ joe. Basically 0-1 star rating.

Socks = A meh movie. I liked it fine. Fancy socks means that it’s closer to loved the movie. A 2-3 star rating.

Orange = A great movie! The juicier the orange, the higher on the scale it goes! I would rewatch this again without distractions. A 3-4 star rating.

Diamond Ring = A movie that gave all the feels! DO-NOT-DELETE-OFF-DVR. A 4-5 star rating.

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