Christmas at Pemberley Manor: Review

It’s that time of year again! Hallmark has kicked off Countdown to Christmas with Christmas at Pemberley Manor starring Jessica Lowndes and Michael Rady.

I was very excited for this movie! While the original Pride and Prejudice isn’t my favorite book, I do enjoy the storyline and I’ve loved several spin-offs. I’ve decided to go along with the Hallmarkies Podcast’s stocking stuffer rating (which by the way, if you haven’t listened to their podcast, you should!). As a review, here is the ranking system:

  • Coal – Basically a dud.
  • Socks – a Meh movie
  • Orange  – an “Aww…cute!” movie.
  • Diamond Ring – an Amaaaaazing movie!

Since I had pretty high hopes for Christmas at Pemberley Manor, I decided to give this movie an orange. But not just any orange— a juicy orange with candy canes and a sprinkle of diamond.

That being said, let’s get started! Here’s a quick summary of Christmas at Pemberley Manor.

Christmas at Pemberley Manor
Christmas at Pemberley Manor

Christmas at Pemberley Manor starts off with Elizabeth Bennet heading to Lambton, Connecticut to organize the town’s Christmas festival. She meets up with her college buddy George, who is now the mayor, and his assistant Jane. The groupie heads to get some coffee and they run into a very “Nervous Nelly”…or in this case, “Nervous Ned.” It turns out that this guy, Travis, is extremely nervous that his boss is going to fire him if he orders the wrong coffee.

Elizabeth is like “Hold my coffee.”

Christmas at Pemberley Manor
Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

And Travis is like “I’m getting fired.”

Christmas at Pemberley Manor
Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

Elizabeth marches over to the boss and says “Yo, Bro! It’s Christmas! Spread some Christmas cheer!”

Christmas at Pemberley Manor

The guy in the limo is like, “Um, I told my assistant he might be getting fired because I stink at jokes.” But Elizabeth is having none of it. She leaves, proud that she’s done her civic duty for the day. George tries to tell her that she’s just chewed out the rich, famous William Darcy, but Elizabeth doesn’t give a flip. Meanwhile, the guy in the limo is like “Who is that woman?”

By the way, say “hi” to William Darcy, y’all!

Christmas at Pemberley Manor
Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

William Darcy arrives at Pemberley Manor and is greeted by the new caretaker, Santa— I mean Chris.

Christmas at Pemberley Manor
Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

Elizabeth, George, and Jane’s plans to hold the festival at the town square are thwarted when they realize that the gazebo has fallen into a giant hole.

Christmas at Pemberley ManorScratch that— HUGANTIC hole. (Are there really sink holes in Connecticut? Thought that was just a Florida thing…)

Christmas at Pemberley Manor
Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

Elizabeth gets the brilliant idea to ask the owner of the gorgeous mansion she saw on her way to Lambton if they could hold the Christmas festival there. Little did she know, that mean ol’ boss that she had chewed out the day before was THE William Darcy… owner of the beautiful Pemberley Manor. #whoops

Christmas at Pemberley Manor
Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

Originally, Darcy doesn’t want anything to do with the Christmas festival, and he most definitely does NOT want to host it at Pemberley as he was in the process of selling it. Well, that wasn’t good enough for Elizabeth, and she convinces him— she basically tells him that the Christmas Festival has to be at Pemberley. Darcy relents and Elizabeth excitedly starts doing all the festival-prep things.


Elizabeth and William end up really hitting it off and they definitely have a little chemistry going on. Meanwhile, Jane and Travis end up falling in love at first sight. And poor George is pouring his heart out to Darcy and wants that second date with Elizabeth.

Crazy Caroline comes to town— This girl is like Caroline and Catherine de Bourgh combined in one, but the Hallmark version. Caroline is all about the notoriety as she decides to swoop in and steal Elizabeth’s thunder when news comes out that Elizabeth has single-handedly won Darcy over—at least in business. (And let’s be honest, she won his heart too, but Darcy hasn’t admitted it.) Caroline is desperate for Darcy to do business with her and tells Elizabeth that she shines best in the background.

Christmas at Pemberley Manor
Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

Say What! Girrrrrrl, Elizabeth has done EVERYTHING. I don’t think so, Caroline.

Then, George gets friend zoned AGAIN. #PoorGeorge #GetGeorgeAGirl

Christmas at Pemberley Manor

Darcy misinterprets George and Elizabeth’s hug as a romantic gesture and decides to finalize the sale of Pemberley and runs off to his helicopter.

Christmas at Pemberley Manor
Credit: Crown Media/Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

Dun dun dun!

Okay, I think I’ve given enough spoilers. *wink* You’ll have to watch the rest of the movie to see how the last twenty minutes end.

My Thoughts

I didn’t really get the whole Pride and Prejudice vibe from this movie. There were several Pride and Prejudice names (George, Jane, Caroline) dropped in this movie, but that’s about it. William Darcy didn’t seem Darcy-like to me. This Darcy was a very serious workaholic and was hardly misunderstood or shy. They really could have called this movie “Christmas in Lambton” or “Christmas at the Mansion.” Or “The one where the gazebo fell into the hole.” I probably still wouldn’t have picked up on the Pride and Prejudice connection. Despite all of that, the characters were all likeable and even Caroline at the end wasn’t much of a villain.

Did anyone else feel bad for George!? Or was it just me!? I love George! Poor guy! He not only has the namesake of the villainous George Wickam, he also doesn’t get the girl. Let’s hope the actor doesn’t end up like poor Marcus Rosner whose characters never got the girl! (Of course, Marcus’ characters’ luck is changing now!)

Okay, to be fair, George didn’t even try. He just let Elizabeth walk away. But whatevs. Everyone knows Elizabeth and the Darce-Man are end game. Let’s give George a spin off movie where he gets the girl! Hmm… let’s see… ooh! Elizabeth’s sister ends up with… George. But the Hallmark way… not the Jane Austen way… because that’s just too risqué for Hallmark.

I feel like this movie was also too short for a Pride and Prejudice spin-off, but I know that can’t be avoided. They seemed to squeeze a lot into 90 minutes though! I would have liked to see more angst between Elizabeth and Darcy, but that’s probably because I am used to all the angst between the two.

Overall, the movie was very sweet and I really enjoyed it! Christmas at Pemberley Manor was a great way to kick off Countdown to Christmas. My final stocking ranking is… a plump, juicy orange.

AKA 3.40 stars out of 5

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18 thoughts on “Christmas at Pemberley Manor: Review

  1. I love me some Hallmark Christmas movies! On a scale from 1 to 10,000 sparkling Christmas lights, what is the likelihood of me going full blown Christmas decorating before Thanksgiving if I watch this movie?

    From your description, I can definitely see modern elements of Pride and Prejudice, but they’re slight and sound like they were serving more as a guideline to the story rather than making themselves known at every turn. I like that.

    1. On that scale, I would say, you’d probably pull out the Christmas tree from the attic, put some white lights, and then maybe drink some cocoa. Haha! This movie definitely didn’t blow me away completely, but it was definitely a cute and cozy movie! And yes! You are absolutely correct—- the Pride and Prejudice aspect served as a guideline…very loose guideline. Thanks for stopping by, Emily!

  2. Kaycee, I love that you started this blog! I’m slowly learning to not be “ashamed” of my love of Hallmark movies 😉 I love all things P&P so I’m a little disappointed that this movie wasn’t giving off that vibe. I’m still curious to check it out though! Thanks for the review 😀

    1. Hey, Vanessa! Thanks!!! Hallmark movies are so fun! You would probably enjoy this movie for what it is. The Pride and Prejudice served more as a very loose guideline for the plot of the movie. I have seen worse P&P adaptions… but I thoroughly enjoyed this movie! I hope you check it out!

  3. One of my relatives is a huge Hallmark movie fan. Although I don’t really think they are my style, I end up getting pretty interested in them. This one sounds fun.

  4. Good review, Kaycee! I also reviewed this movie on my blog and I agree with a lot of the points you brought up. Before I watched Christmas at Pemberley Manor, I gave it socks because it sounded a lot like other Hallmark movies I’ve seen and heard of before. Looking back on it, I would give this film an orange, as it was better than I expected it to be. Definitely looking forward to the rest of Hallmark’s movies, as well as those from other networks, this Christmas season!

  5. I missed the airing of this but am going to watch it ASAP! I love love love the Keara Knightly version of Pride and Prejudice and I love Hallmark, so this was one I was most excited about. Thanks for the review!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Chelsie! Since you’re a Pride and Prejudice fan, just wanted to say that Hallmark is premiering “Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe” on November 23! That one has Lacey Chabert from Mean Girls in it and sounds like a lot of fun too!

  6. I agreed with your review. It was a good movie that could have been great. I wanted more conflict between the leads. I thought they could have done more with the side characters. I really thought Jane had a crush on George and he just could not see it. He could have woken up when the other guy came along. That would have been fun. Oh well.

    1. I thought that Jane had a crush on George too! I thought it was super out of left field when she just fell in love with Travis.

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